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Self Defense V Martial Arts

June 2017

Is Self defense the same as Martial Arts?

Put simply yes and no, there are similarities but there are vast differences also.

When you go to Martial Arts classes such as Kung Fu, Wing Chung, Karate etc. you are put in a grading structure where you learn certain techniques until you are proficient enough to get graded and then you pass and get another set of  techniques to learn and so it goes on until you become a Black Belt. This could go on for a number of years and most Martial Arts Instructors will tell you it will take between 2 – 5 years to learn all the skills needed.

2 – 5 years!!!!!

That’s too long for a woman who works late and needs to feel safe when walking home at 1am along a deserted street.

Self Defense will teach you great survival skills within a few hours (for the basics, to get it into your sub concious so its a reflex takes a while longer) that will allow you to feel safer and more confident when confronted with a situation in the cold light of day (or night).

I have martial arts experience and although good for discipline and self control, they don’t really work in a street environment when your heart is pumping and you are fighting for your life. I have reverted back to instinct when threatened as my martial arts techniques are too complex to execute in a high adrenaline state...........Why?....... Gross motor skills work better in that kind of environment, Self Defense is a Gross motor skill, Martial Arts uses complex motor skills

The simpler the moves are the better chances you have to get away and be SAFE which is your ULTIMATE aim